Sunday, March 7, 2010


I am now taking a class that is teaching me about creating wellness through psychological and spiritual aspects of healing. This class is not mandatory for me to take, but I choose this course due to I think it is going to help me better myself and to aid in better care for the clients that I serve. This is the second week of class and it has already blown my mind on learning the importance of the inner self and how it effects the body. I am looking forward to gaining a significant amount of knowledge from our professor and fellow classmates. Thanks in advance!


  1. Hi Chancey,

    Well now I'm REALLY excited to get to know you better because it looks like you're going into nursing, is that right?

    I think this course will help you in your future career as well as your personal life, as we all will learn a little bit more about ourselves.

    I have two blogs, and if you want to follow mine for this class, it is

    I look forward to future interactions!


  2. Hi Chancey,

    Nursing sounds like an exciting field to be in. You meet so many different people and you are learning so much about medicine and illnesses. That information combined with what we learn in this class will help provide more insight to a person's integral health. Best of luck to you!


  3. Thanks, Nutritech and Jill! I love Nursing! Treating the whole person is what I went into nursing for. It drove me literally crazy when I worked in the hospital setting. All you had time for was treating the disease and getting the client as stable as possible to get them out the doors. Not what I went into Nursing for, not the satisfaction I was looking for. I then moved on to home health and hospice. Loved it! Was put out to of work for little over a year due to a car accident. Now working in a health dept. clinic and working with teens and yound adults. Still loving it cause I can still care for the whole person!!!! Best of luck to you two, too!!!

  4. Great blog Chancey, I'm glad you decided to take the course! Dr. Stewart