Monday, March 8, 2010

Relaxation Journey

The relaxation journey has significantly helped me. I listened to it, again, this afternoon when I got to the hotel room. See I am having to spend two nights away from my family due to work travel (classes). This itself is stressful on me, especially being away from my children. My youngest, five years old, has been having some heart trouble and it is about to drive me crazy knowing that I want be able to see him for 3 days. Maybe this CD can keep on working till I am able to get back home to my family. I know it will. I am keeping my faith and thinking positive. He is in good hands and I know this. So all we be OK!!!


  1. hello Chancey, I live your blog I am an RN also and I am so happy to be back in schoool. I was reading about your relaxating as a care giver we must always take time for ourselves because we need to replenish after we give so much to others. I am on another venture I believe ther is more to passing pills and giving shots. Maybe I will have more direction as we continue in our classes.
    Brenda A.

  2. Brenda, you are absolutely correct! There is so much more to Nursing than passing pills and giving shots. That is one reason I left the hospital setting years ago. I did not get the quality time I needed with my clients to help them the way I wanted to help. I have always wanted to treat the whole person, not just the disease process. In the hospital setting you do not get that time with them to do that. The satisfaction was not there for me. I had to move on to a different field of nursing. That is when I starting working in home health and hospice. Truly went to quality time and getting to treat the whole person, with the best I knew how. Now I am working in a Family Planning clinic with the state and working with most teens and young adults. I have benefited from this course so much already. Even my clients in the last two weeks have noticed a positive change in myself and my care. They state love it and need it! Made me feel even better knowing that I have helped myself and then. Thanks!