Sunday, March 21, 2010

Unit 4: Loving Kindness Practice and Mental Workouts

I have listened to the Loving Kindness Practice that was included on the compact disc with our textbook by Dacher multiple times over the last week. This exercise has been very beneficial to me in my life. I have had many hard feelings going through my mind lately primarily in my personal life, including being very hard on myself. I have a very bad habit of always taking the blame for everything and being so hard on myself. Those that know me, even classmates, know that I have this habit. This is a very hard habit to break, but I am steadily trying. The practice has showed me how to open mind and heart and let go of those negative feelings, love myself, and love others more. I have always heard that it takes a lot more energy to be angry or hate that to forgive and love. I can honestly say that I can now agree more than ever after completing this practice exercise. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone. I say this due to I know there are others around me that could use the help, just as I do, to feel better about themselves and others.

The concept of "Mental Workout" is that one has to be repetitive in performing the contemplative exercises to train one's mind for integral health and healing, evolving one's psychospiritual life and to know how to access its capacities and resources. Research has indicated that performing mental workouts has influenced and benefited our physiology, hormonal system, and immune system, enhanced one's well being, increases attention, memory, perception, and imagery, decreases disturbing emotions such as anger, fear, worry, confusion, and doubt, and increases positive emotions such as patience, loving, kindness, openness, and happiness. With this shift, one can increase their resistance to mental distress and diseases, increase the healing capacity, and promote well being. Also, using a test for gamma waves, it suggests that one with a compassionate state using contemplative exercises had a higher order of mental integration. To implement mental workouts in my life to be able to foster my psychological health, I will begin to integrate the mental workouts two times daily into my usual daily routines. Also, I will make the time that is necessary and needed for myself to meet this goal to become a better person internally and externally.


  1. Hi Chancey,

    I remember reading in Dacher's book that what you are experiencing right now is like the final step to integral health. Without this spirituality and ability to calm mental distress, we would not have integral health.

    We are very fortunate because we are in the top 97% - meaning only 3% of us have learned this secret of manifesting spiritual wellness for ourselves. Once our backyard is clean, we can then begin to help manifest it outward into our communities and beyond.

    Keep up the good work! As you said, you will become a better person internally as well as externally.


  2. Hi Chancey,

    I found the CD relaxing too and know that if we continue to practice this mental workout, we will be able to relieve our stresses and negative emotions each day and develop a positive way of thinking where we can deal with anything thrown our way. We will find the energy to deal with it and our happiness will be shared with others. We will be radiant and others will be wondering why we look and feel so good. The big question they will always ask us after seeing us is "What is your secret?" To this, we can reply "human and psychospiritual flourishing".