Saturday, April 3, 2010

Unit 6: Universal Loving Kindness and the Integral Assessment

The process of the exercise of universe loving kindness was the repeating of four statements over ten minutes with my eyes closed with the mind and body relaxed and still. The statements included:

May all individuals gain freedom from suffering.

May all individuals find sustained health, happiness, and wholeness.

May I assist all individuals in gaining freedom from suffering.

May I assist all individuals in finding health, happiness, and wholeness.

The process of performing the integral assessment was very enlightening. The first step, I was looking at the four aspects of my life: psychospiritual, biological, interpersonal, and worldly. Then I determine which one needs flourishing. Next, I decide which development is out of imbalance and essential at this time, what practices I will need to perform, what problems to resolve, new abilities to develop, and how will this contribute to integral health. I explored what areas of my life is ready for growth and is it the same or different area. I then thought about what does the next level of development looks like. I wrote down some notes as I did my assessment. I then looked back at my notes and determined if the assessment is clear and unbiased. This assessment tool can assist someone to think daily about their integral health. I really enjoyed reading a statement in our text.

With time I will no longer think in fragmented ways, speak or act as if I am disconnected from the whole, limit myself to an underdeveloped consciousness, or view my life from the narrow perspective of ordinary health. I will think, feel, speak, and act from an integral perspective (Dacher, E.S., 2006, p. 116)

Practicing the universal loving kindness meditation was very relaxing and helped me open my mind and heart to others and release the negative emotions that I had bottled up inside me. This exercise assisted me in shifting love for myself to others. With the integral assessment, I discovered that there is a lot that need to be flourished and developed within my life. The focus area that is essential is the psychospiritual aspect. I realized most of my motivation comes from instinctual and education. I lack the motivation from wisdom, wholeness, and oneness. I have partially met this goal. I have the universal loving kindness and compassion. I am more reactive than I would like to be and knowledge is predominantly through reasoning. The majority of my emotions come from desires, anger, fear, and reactive emotions. I lack a stable and expanded happiness, wholeness, and oneness. I will continue to implement the subtle mind practice, meditation exercises, physical exercise, relaxation techniques, and unity consciousness; learning to change reaction into intention.


  1. Hi Chancey,

    I know you have the strength and power to change your reaction into intention, just as you stated above in your post. You will accomplish these tasks step-by-step and develop yourself into a happier person. I like the statement from our text tha tyou used too, which will help you to remain unbiased as it should with all of us. We should always be aware as to what we are thinking in order to change our thought process and experience harmony and love, especially towards others who need us for their benefit. It's hard being around negative people but when you experience inspirational readings and speak with positive people, you cannot help but to share that same experience and love with others even if they tell you they don't want to hear it. If we refer them to human flourishing, psychospiritual flourishing, and meditation tapes, they too can begin to change their thought process as long as they practice these exercises. We have to always share our happiness and wholeness with others so they too will experience integral health. Maybe one day they will thank us for changing their lives.

    Nice job on your post. It was a pleasure to read.

  2. HI Chancey,

    I agree with Jill, in as much as I believe that you do have the strength and power to change your reactions into intentions. Just continue to practice, and it will eventually become so much a part of you that your old ways (desires, anger and fear) will be forgotten.

    Don't be afraid of set backs either. I know I get to a point where I think I finally have it, and then for some reason, I revert back to my old ways. The difference is now I recognize it and try to make corrections as soon as possible. I also try to discover what it is I did, what I didn't do, what I ate, or what I thought that is causing me this anguish.

    Keep up the good work. You have what it takes, just don't ever stop believing in yourself!


  3. Dear Chancey,

    Hey there!!! You did an outstanding job describing these two exercises. I am glad that you found them both to be just as enlightening as I did. Isn't it amazing how strong our mind can really be?

    I am excited that were able to recognizes your areas of improvement and development needed to achieve a greater wellness. I sometimes too find myself bottling up emotions that I should have let out in a calm manner once they began to accumulate. You know, I have now realized the longer you keep them in without taking the "cap" off, the more they eat away at you. It is one thing you speak your mind, but it is another thing to speak your mind and work out a problem or road block in your life in a mature manner.

    I wish you all the luck in achieving your goals!